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IMPORTANT: 1) ALL BEATS ARE SOLD EXCLUSIVE, meaning once you buy, it's yours forever & yours only, and will be removed from this list. You will be sent a producer/artist agreement as well. This legally protects you and the producer. ALL BEATS HEARD HERE ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED.
2) All beats heard here are "pre-mastered", meaning the volume is set to simulate what the final loudness would be. Once you buy an instrumental, a quieter version set at no more than -6 to -7dB with only one "Charlie Mizza Music" tag (in the beginning/intro) will be sent to you. This is done to provide headroom for your vocals to lay over the the top during mixing to prevent clipping. The "loudness" you expect is achieved in the mixing & mastering process. More than likely most of you already know this. If you are unfamiliar with these concepts, there are tons of videos on YouTube that explain it.


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